Avatar led gamified 3d navigation, immersive, imaginative realms & experience points to unlock benefits.

Humanized Approach

Content mapping for personalized user journey & experience, match making to help connect users.


Content development & scheduling, show flow management & on demand content.

End to End Journey Management

Profile registration, pre-event on-boarding reminders, event day logins with authentication, presenter onboarding, event flow management & post event analysis & learnings.

Data for Deeper Intelligence

Consumer journey analytics, user experience efficiencies, lead Generation for targeted marketing & content consumption analytics.

Flexible to Your Needs

Modular environments for easy capacity management, brand customization at the environment, feature customization based on journey & bespoke experience design.

Matter What

Brand launches, confrences, fairs, workshops, team meets, networking & entertainment.


Customized solution, Matchmaking, Experience points, Live avatars, Avatar to Avatar video chat


Performances through chroma content, multiple stages, unique navigation solutions, Instagram filters & interactive installations


Over 100K visitors Re-created the IIT Bombay campus, Over 100 live & pre-recorded sessions

Be-Spoke Solution

Environment design & architecture to brief, Customized features and consumer journey, Customized interactive spaces & exhibitor areas, Networking to brief, Analytics & monitoring with live dashboards

Own the Platform

For high frequency, Quick turn around events, Exclusive environments customizable for every event, Easy use CMS to control event , Defined set of features & functionalities, Annual contract based on number of events, Analytics & monitoring with live dashboards

Customizable Solutions

Choose from a set of predefined environments, adaptive spaces & expo areas based on event scale, Customize for brand, chat & networking modules, Choose from a set of features & functionalities, Predefined analytics & monitoring

Year 2020, the world has gone digital in an unprecedented way. Offline events are now online, but monotonous, dull, and boring.They lack immersion, exploration,unexpectedness. Most importantly, it lacks the human touch, emotions that make humans act. It’s all just screens.

What does it take to transform virtual spaces?

A new way of looking at spaces, immersion & interaction. Ways that are human yet push the boundaries of imagination. Imagination & innovation need to work together to attempt possibilities where none were visible.

The Flying Cow
Making the impossible, possible.
Imaginative, innovative, surprising experiences.
Experiences that make people wonder.
Experiences that are unique.
Experiences that make people think. Act.